Virtual reality

Pixi offers 360° videos for a fully breathtaking experience!
Tired of looking at things from a fixed angle? Give your customers the chance to look around them and discover.

– Events
– Product movies
– Animation movies
– Web presentations
– Your virtual creation …

Augmented reality

Pixi superimposes content on the real world!
We use augmented reality to add products, messages, photos, … to your customers’ world!

– Events
– E-commerce
– Advertising
– Web presentations
– Your added content …

2D – 3D Animation

Pixi brings your products and services to life!
Photo, video, 3D creations, or a mix thereof – the possibilities are infinite.

– Company movies
– Product movies
– Instruction movies
– Commercials
– Animation movies
– Logo animations
– Greeting cards
– Animated presentations
– Your vivid imagination …


Pixi has its own professional camera equipment and crew. Everything is edited and finished in-house.

– Company movies
– Product movies
– Commercials
– Web movies
– Interviews
– Outdoor shoots
– Trade show videos
– Your ingenious scenario …


Pixi has its own fully-equipped professional photo studio with cutting-edge technology.

– Product shots for online stores
– Product shots for advertising
– Product shots for packaging
– Editorials
– 360° shoots
– Web presentations
– Portraits
– Your terrific shoot …


Pixi produces digital and analogue illustrations for all purposes, in a wide array of styles.

– Technical manuals
– Character design
– Line illustrations for product manuals
– Animations
– Funny presentations
– Commercial animations
– Your inventive characters …


The visual styling and/or compression of data and texts.

– Pictograms
– Infographics (when one picture has to be worth a 1000 words!)
– Brochure layouts
– Graphic designs
– Typography for print, video, and Internet
– Your ingenious pictogram …


Pixi creates powerful key images that visualize your project; whether it’s to match your existing corporate styling or something new entirely.

– The eye catcher of your project!
– Campaign visuals
– The hero shot of your product
– Commercial actions
– 3D product renders
– 3D packaging renders
– Your stunning image …

Mood board

A mood board visually describes the style and atmosphere used in a project.
Pixi makes a careful selection of elements that appeal to your target audience.

– Campaign presentation
– Video design
– Commercial mood setting
– Product mood setting
– Your vivid imagination …


At Pixi, we love a good story. Our team is capable of creating and visualizing yours before actual production starts.

– Film commercial
– Company / Product presentation
– Instruction movie
– Animations
– Presentations
– Your clever story …


The right sound to match your image: from the bleep that gets a giggle out of your audience to the warm narration of your clip.

– Interview recordings
– Voice-overs
– Sound FX on film
– Background music
– A/V Mix for Internet, radio and television
– Your amazing sound …